Monday, September 24, 2007

Maricopa, Arizona, USA

44°08' NLafrançaise (FR)+98,5 cm -->N+ 44°30'
33°03' NMaricopa (Arizona USA)+64,00 cm-->N+ 34°00'

We are an 8th grade Pre-Algebra class at Maricopa Wells Middle School in Maricopa, Arizona, U.S.A.
We are located Latitude (33) Longitude (-112).Our city and school is in a great growth at this time. A couple years ago our middle school had 300 kids; now we has 1270 and still more are coming! We have a dress code of simple designs/plain shirts and pants, and we have a great sports program with football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, cheer, and cross country. We have a great staff and student population and we are getting excited for this well put together project...goooo Eratosthenes!!

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